About Me

I enjoy holding a safe space where you feel cared for,empowered and supported in becoming aware and inspired to have a nourishing and joyful experience of life!

My name is Adina and I am a practitioner of Specialised kinesiology and Integrated healing as well as Ozone Therapy and Rife Bio Resonance treatments.
I chose this path as I was guided through my own health challenges to discover Kinesiology(the science of energy balancing) which opened me up to more research and studies , enriching my ''tool box'' and knowledge to share with the world around me for improvement.
We live in a Universe that is energy , vibration, frequency and likewise the human body is governed by energies.Stress, trauma, upsets ,create blockeages and our energy can get trapped bringing our vibration low,resulting in a number of ailments.
Through kinesiology and Integrated healing I am able to assist the client in correcting imbalances at all levels – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual -and reactivating the body’s built-in healing ability.
I am passionate  to facilitate Self development and Life coaching, helping you to find your pathway to live with greater health, abundance and joy.

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