Rife Frequency Therapy

What is Rife Frequency Therapy ?

Rife is an alternative treatment which uses a Scientific Health Enhancement Device. It carries the name of its American Inventor, Royal Rife, who discovered the therapy back in the 1930’s and that pathogens, either viruses, bacteria or parasites, cause almost any disease and can be destroyed with certain frequencies.

How Rife Works

The Rife Medic Device functions with frequencies, resonance, biological energy fields, as well as environmental and holographic aspects of the body and its environment. During the treatment, the device produces frequency signals that create bio-resonance in the body. Each pathogen gives off its own unique frequency. By sending those same frequencies back to the pathogen, they absorb so much energy that it causes them to “explode”. It is not a medical device and not intended to cure. It works as a very efficient support to many health conditions and provides the necessary bio-energy to the body’s immune system, allowing the body to strengthen its own defences against infections and micro-organisms.

What to Expect During the Session

Your Practitioner will take a full written history and your current health condition/reason for the visit. Patients are able to sit comfortably whilst the therapist selects the appropriate treatment protocol on the machine and connects you to the hands/feet electrodes. For babies or frail people, and even animals, a mat is available with very low frequency. The duration of treatment depends on the program(s) selected, anything between few minutes to two hours max. The protocol selection takes into consideration age; gender; general health status; current health condition and severity; medication; other treatments and medical care; symptoms; and emotional status of each person. You will feel faint shocks from the electrodes but the intensity is adjustable to your comfort. Rife is not recommended for pregnant women, patients that have undergone an organ transplant, have a risk of heart failure or require life support systems (pace makers).

How RIFEMedic can Help You

RIFEMedic enhances the healing processes of the body. It contains over 1000 specific programs, to be used alone or in a protocol, to assist all the systems in the body.
  • Bone/osteo issues; types of cancers; circulation and lymph drainage; detox; fungus, moulds, parasites, viruses, infections.
  • Neuro: depression, addictions, pain, emotions and sleep, trauma, anxiety, boost energy.
  • Respiratory ailments; skin, eyes, hair issues.
  • Wound healing; glands and immune system stimulation and balance.