Anya K 40y old

I would like to say big thank you on behalf of my daughter Sophia and myself. We attended 3 kinesiology sessions each with yourself and it has made a huge change in our lives. Just your warm personality, presence and energy affects those who meet you and this combined with your knowledge of kinesiology makes you an excellent therapist.  I am in much happier space and better mood, and you also guided me how to improve the relationship with my husband. My body seems stronger and more balanced, and i get over the infections quicker. Kinesiology session also confirmed the list of products I suspected I was allergic to and I believe. The sessions seem to have helped me deal with the traumatic events from my childhood, which I felt still had impact on my current life.

Sophia 9y old

Before kinesiology with you Sophia seemed unhappy, unruly, not focused at school, afraid of the teacher. Since she was a baby she had speech delay, was rather clumsy and struggled at sports, attended OT and speech therapy. After three kinesiology sessions she became a happy child again, willing to help around the house and  she has been receiving top marks on her tests, both English and maths as well as an award for the best work in class! Her handwriting is much prettier and precise, her diction and vocabulary also improved a lot, even her relationships with friends at school improved. In addition to the above list, Sophia's piano teacher has been talking about sudden rapid progress. Her swimming teacher commended her and said she has natural talent for swimming (first time after 4 years of swimming lessons and previously struggling with swimming straight). The dance teacher was surprised suddenly her musicality improved and she now dances perfectly on the beat, also she is finally able to do beautiful turns (with which she used to struggle). I feel that 3 sessions of kinesiology made more difference to Sophia's life than years of OT and speech therapy. THANK YOU AGAIN Adina  

60y old lady from Uganda, had ozone after chemo therapy

Her daughter says: She is feeling amazing and cooking up a storm!!! Thank you very very much , Adina !!

Mrs O. 39 y old

You are an amazing part of my journey and I will always,ALWAYS hold you in high regard! I want to come back for a visit..even if I am well... just maintenance !

Mrs S. 43y old

I am feeling better Adina, Thank you so much !

Cecilia 45y old

Thank you so much for seeing me - I have benfited tremendously from our sessions .

Mrs V. 51y old

Hi Adina, just to let you know that the stomach is settling nicely .Emotionally I've been so happy and relieved !! Thank you so much for the care and empathy