What is Kinesiology ?

Kinesiology is one of the most comprehensive and holistic existing therapies. Kinesiology restores harmony and reverses the process of ‘dis-ease’. Originating from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chiropractic Medicine (born in the 1960’s), kinesiology integrates the understanding of anatomy, physiology and the body’s energies. Kinesiology is a non-invasive, gentle therapy that identifies stress blockages and corrects them. It is suitable for people of all ages, nationalities, gender and professions.

How Kinesiology Works

The Practitioner uses muscle testing as a feedback mechanism to access and assess information of your health and wellbeing. Muscle testing is a profound method that allows the Kinesiologist to “talk to your body” accessing the conscious, subconscious and body memory. The responses are sent between the muscle and brain, via the nerve pathways.

How Kinesiology Can Help You

Kinesiology works gently to resolve the underlying cause or issue responsible for the physical problem, as opposed to treating or suppressing its symptoms. Kinesiology practitioners are trained in over 350 techniques, and will apply the most appropriate techniques for your unique situation. This helps to decode the message your body is sending and therefore helping you resolve pain, trauma, emotional issues, relationship or financial problems, learning difficulties, food sensitivities/allergies, stress, anxiety, headaches and much more.

What to Expect During A Session

Your Practitioner will take a full written history, listening with care to the reasons for your visit. This part of the session is important for a successful first session and follow up sessions. The session lasts +/-  60 min. Patients usually lie on a treatment table, fully clothed, while the therapist uses your arms and legs for muscle testing. In order to identify what is going on in your body and the required corrections to release blockages and restore the balance between the body’s energies. You may either feel emotional or a deep sense of relaxation, and become aware of heat, tingling, pulsations or other sensations. All normal! This is the way your body releases and shifts.

Kinesiology Sessions


A kinesiology session addresses stressors and imbalances within the body, on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, pertaining to the matter dealt with in the session. Most health related issues, including heart disease, digestive problems, allergies, brain function, digestive disorders, are stress related, and often caused by an incident or series of events, which trigger certain chemical responses in the body, resulting in pain, discomfort and unwellness. A session will assist you to deal with stress (work, relationships, financial, physical, mental) and emotional or other traumas in general or related to a specific incident/s, which will enable you to cope with situations and view life from a different perspective, thereby eventually changing your circumstances.

Stress Management

The human race was designed to respond to stress in a life treatening situation which is called the flight or flight,freeze or apease response.These responses are intended to prepare the body for a physical reaction when in a survival situation.Today's life is extremely fast and pressurised and our body responds to it in the same way.All it takes is a small upset,a new challanging situation or a tough task at work and suddenly your stomach tightens, heart beats faster and you find it hard to sleep.The result is that we do not burn off the stress response hormones, leaving a cocktail of undispersed chemicals in our blood,which in time leads to a compromised immune system, cardiac,digestive or mental disorders, anxiety,insomnia,high blood pressure,eczema,food sensitivities,ulcers,to name a few!Fortunately, we have the tools to assist clients in clearing the effects of accumulated stress, finding the root cause as well as raising the ability to cope with future stress, and function optimally at work and at home.

Allergies protocol

Allergy, Sensitivity and Nutrition protocol may assist in clearing sensitivities to foods and substances which are beneficial to repair and maintenance of the human body and body systems and functions.Establish foods and substances which are harmful, to eliminate and/or avoid for health and vitality. Determine nutritional components required and to be added to your diet for optimal health and freedom of sensitivities. Work through and clear emotional aspects and possible causes of the allergies and/or sensitivities experienced and possible triggers of reactions to food and substances.

Weight Management

Assists with determining reasons for weight gain/loss and reasons for difficulties shaking off excess weight. As food and weight are very emotional components in health, the emotional aspect are identified and dealt with to clear inhibiting habits and patterns around eating. Identify the cause of weight imbalance either is emotional,hormone imbalance ,Toxins,metabolism,wrong diet,or other.Establish which foods to eliminate or add and nutrition/suplements is required to reach desired weight.During this process , a detailed personalised diet for every person's bio chemistry is being created

Muscle Work

Assess and correct functions of all muscles in a region of the body. Each muscle in the specific region is evaluated and appropriate adjustments are made. Establish wether any support in the form of nutrition, excercise, other therapies or actions are required.
  • Shoulder Region
  • Hand and finger Region
  • Arm and elbow Region
  • Neck and Back Region
  • Back and hip Region
  • Leg and knee Region
  • Foot Region

Chakra Balance

The Chakra Protocol assists in evaluating all your 7 chakras and clearing any blockages in the chakra energy centres. Determine whether you need a specific affirmation for a specific chakra, say a mantra or need specific nutrition for your chakras or one of the seven chakras.Clearing the seven main chakras, Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras, improves your well being and promotes coping mechanisms for different aspects of life.

Nutritional Protocol

Diet is what we eat ! Nutrition is what gets into the cells.Nutrition is thus the process of providing the body with the necessary material for the maintenance, growth and general renewal of all body tissue.Looking at all 6 stages of nutrition and improve through corrections the level of function of the stage that operates at a low level.We assess the deficiences and excesses of various nutreint levels in the body's bio chemistry and muscle test of what suplements are required to balance the bio chemistry.The second stage of this protocol is enabling us to identify what toxins and pathogens or allergies the body must release as well as what organ , gland or system of the body requires balancing and energising as well as additional information and investigation on Liver dysfunction symptoms,Thyroid problems, the consequences of Imbalance of stomach acid , Nutrition required to enhance the wellbeing

Detox Programs

A detox for the body is like a spring cleaning for the house! Our bodies are designed to self heal and self detox but due to many factors, from emotions to wrong nutrition or toxin exposure the body's Detoxification pathways may be blocked .During this session we thourghly assess what the blockeage is and what kind of detox the body requires.A program is created for every individual based on the assesment. Coaching and support is provided during the detox as well as a step by step protocol. From dental clen up to diet or liver detox to heavy metal and parasite ,gall bladder, kidney or bowel detoxes available, all with natural ingredients

Animal kinesiology session

Kinesiology is equally effective for animals and humans. All muscles of the animal can be tested and corrected via a surrogate, normally the owner. Muscles of the surrogate will be tested and cleared before commencing the session of the animal. Animal kinesiology assists in pain relief, sensitivities, dietary requirements and clearing stressors related to traumatic experiences, such as relocating, injuries, and abandonment.

All processes are performed with muscle test response,yielding accurate results
specifically for your individual needs and requirements