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 “The reasons for ill health are to be found in the mental and emotional and spiritual imbalances of a person, not beginning in the body as cause but reaching the body as effect.” Mary Garbely (New Zealand Flower Essences) 

•Stress can be defined as what we feel when the limits of our endurance (mentally, emotionally or physically) are being severely tested.

 •Stress can be helpful and good when it motivates people to accomplish more. For example, competing in a race or accomplishing a task by the stated deadline but stress becomes a burden when we feel increasingly overwhelmed and out of control.

 •In our busy modern day lives we all carry stress, often not consciously realizing just how damaging it is. Stress can show up in physical symptoms and we become ill. Stress has a direct effect on the gut, the immune and hormonal systems, the brain and liver function. We may experience aches and pains, an inability to sleep, anxiety, a feeling of anger and frustration, indigestion, fatigue, an inability to cope, skin disorders, frequent colds, apathy, depression, feelings of hopelessness, dis-ease; the range of problems caused by stress is endless !

 •When we are under stress, either mentally, emotionally or physically, our body talks to us through symptoms or dis-ease. All these symptoms are a messenger telling us that something in our life is out of sync and that we are not coping. Your body is literally talking to you. Treating the symptoms is like killing the messenger for bringing bad news. It is important to find out what the message is and what area of your life it is telling you about!

 •Undoubtedly stress is an inevitable consequence of modern life; fortunately, the downstream damage caused by it is not. The body is designed to adapt to stressors to help maintain equilibrium and healthy functioning and Kinesiology can help to find out what our body is trying to say and why we are not adapting appropriately