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Wellness Day - Talk about Detox and Juices

This Talk took place in Dainfern on 31 st Jan 2020. I had  a great turnaround and a fun day with aerobics and a great lesson about detox and juicing . The people that came were happy to find out that detox can be done easily with just Ozone or the Rife Machine but the best way is with 3 day juicing and in addition the ozone therapy, massages, lymphatic massage or stimulation or a simple Epsom salts bath , that can do wonders to an overloaded system- specifically the Liver - the most important and hardworking organ in our body! For a good Heavy metal detox , Zeolite will help but best Ozone pod with 5-10 session where you release them out through skin, giving the liver and kidneys a nice break :)

I made 3 kind of juices : green made with green apple, cucumber and celery , an orange one made from orange carrot and ginger ..mmm. this had a nice zing!! and a red one made from beetroot, apple and cucumber.They were delicious, not diluted with water and made with love:) some people bought 6!. Herewith few pictures from this Wellness day event which turned out to be a great one!!